Symvivo’s bacTRL platform selectively colonizes hypoxic/anoxic tissues throughout the body and gastrointestinal tract. The bacterial colonies consistently deliver therapeutic plasmid DNA to surrounding tissues resulting in accumulating gene expression.

bacTRL Platform


Administered via a single intravenous infusion, the bacTRL platform has the ability to selectively colonize solid hypoxic tumors, while being cleared from healthy oxygenated tissues.  This approach establishes living bio-factories within the tumors themselves, enabling consistent and accumulating gene expression levels, exclusively at the target tissues.

By doing so, Symvivo has the ability to genetically ‘re-program’ the tumors physiology to address specific therapeutic goals.  This can include delivery of antigenic, cytotoxic and immuno-modulatory gene payloads, independently or in synergistic combination with one-another.  This flexibility enables Symvivo to treat solid tumor(s) at the local, systemic and cellular level.

Infectious diseases & vaccines

Being a probiotic bacteria, orally administered bacTRL has the ability to safely passage the upper gastro-intestinal tract and successfully colonize the large intestine.  Once there, our bacteria effectively bind to the epithelial cells directly and consistently deliver genetic material to the surrounding tissues.  

This approach enables Symvivo to deliver antigenic gene payloads from various pathogens, independently or in combination with adjuvant immuno-modulatory genes to initiate the appropriate mucosal and systemic immune responses.


Cardiovascular injury that results in ischemic and hypoxic conditions provide a suitable environment for the bacTRL platform to colonize. This approach has the potential to deliver gene payloads that address various therapeutic aims targeting the specific requirements of the indication. These approaches include improving angiogenesis, reperfusion, anti-restenosis and endothelial protection.

Genetic disease

In an approach similar to oral DNA vaccines, oral administration of the bacTRL platform can effectively colonize the large intestine and deliver genetic material to the epithelial lining of the gut.

By engineering gene payloads to secrete expressed proteins from the gut lining into the blood stream, Symvivo can leverage the large intestine achieve protein/enzyme replacement therapy. This can include the replacement of deficient or missing proteins in the blood for the treatment of clotting or metabolic diseases, and can extended to introduce therapeutic enzymes, hormones or even specific circulating antibodies.